• Andrés Felipe Bahamón Monje CESURCAFE Universidad Surcolombiana
  • Lina Ximena Parrado Muñoz CESURCAFE Universidad Surcolombiana
  • Nelson Gutierrez-Guzman CESURCAFE Universidad Surcolombiana


Coffee brewing Single-serve brewer, Coffee pods, Extraction brew physiochemical properties, FTIR spectra


Roasted and ground coffee for encapsulation in single-serve capsules compatible with keurig® and coffee powder obtained from Nespresso® commercial capsules  were analyzed for pH value, titratable acidity, moisture content, water activity and color (lightness); a data matrix that contains the physicochemical properties and the absorbance measurements using a baseline of 1600 to 1800 cm–1 by  FTIR-ATR technique, was evaluated through the combined methods of principal component analysis (PCA) and cluster analysis in order to discriminate between the types of capsules. In the PCA biplot two distinct groups can be identified and in the cluster analysis two groups are that correspond to the two types of capsules. The results showed that FTIR-ATR based methods seem to be a promising alternative for the discrimination of coffee samples for the pods industry or for the type of consumption.

Author Biography

Andrés Felipe Bahamón Monje, CESURCAFE Universidad Surcolombiana

Postdoctorado Universidad Politecnica de Valencia
Tecnología de Alimentos
Febrerode2012 - Juniode 2012
Analisis y control de calidad en pescado

Doctorado Universidad Politecnica de Valencia
Doctorado tecnologia de alimentos
Enerode2002 - Noviembrede 2008
Identificación y priorización de factores críticos para implantar buenas prácticas agrícolas en productores de café y frutas en el departamento del Huila en Colombia

Maestría/Magister Universidad Politecnica de Valencia
Master ciencia ingenieria de alimentos
Enerode2002 - de 2002

Pregrado/Universitario Universidad Surcolombiana
Ingenieria agricola
Enerode1985 - de 1991


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