Somatic embryogenesis in genotypes of Coffea arabica L.

Julieta Andrea Silva de Almeida, Maria Bernadete Silvarolla, Luiz Carlos Fazuoli, Giulio Cesare Stancato


The species Coffea arabica possesses genotypes with special characteristics such as AC1, AC2 and AC3, whose seeds present reduced caffeine content. However, each of these genotypes has just a single plant in the Germplasm Bank, thus having only one access. The objective of the present study was to evaluate the somatic embryogenesis capacity of the AC genotypes with respect to their multiplication. It was shown that the three genotypes presented indirect somatic embryogenesis capacity, forming calluses of similar size. However, with respect to the formation of embryos, AC1 was the most efficient.


coffee; callus; embryos; indirect somatic embryogenesis; Coffea arabica



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